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Teaching and learning excellence project

To extend the scope of teaching and learning excellence and improve the quality of teaching, we coordinate the resources of the whole university to run MCUT Teaching and Learning Excellence Projects. After successfully undertaking the TAKE excellence project, we carry out the STAR excellence project to enhance the effects of teaching. Our goals are to: educate the whole person, make students behave properly and think independently, and encourage students to learn automatically and aggressively. Specifically, the STAR project involves tasks including: developing learning abilities (Office of Academic Affairs), enriching sensibilities (General Education Center), mastering information literacy skills (Office of Library and Information Services), improving production ability (Office of Technology Cooperation), increasing soft power (Office of Student Affairs), elevating professional abilities (College of Engineering), displaying the ability of applying technologies (College of Environment and Resources), and boosting integrative ability (College of Management and Design). The four main aspects that we focus on are STUDY, TEACHING, ATTITUDE, and RESOURCE. Particularly, the project funding that we have gained from the Ministry of Education and invested on each student has been the highest among all universities and colleges of technology in Taiwan.